Sound Products

DSP can help you to listen to the sound as the artists created it… DSP provides you with the latest professional sound products and systems. Then you will enjoy a new unique sound experience with a very pure and accurate Sound full of reality and a sense of luxury.

All that we seek is to help you have a powerful integrated sound system with high-quality smart sound products for your business (from A to Z). We provide all needed sound products with many different categories and features to meet all companies’ needs, requirements, and budgets. Then you can choose your needed digital sound products with the most suitable options. We can list our products through these below points:-
• Sound Speakers.
• Sound Amplifiers.
• Sound Cables.

Sound Speakers

DSP manufactures new smart sound speakers to meet all companies’ sound needs of different digital speakers. All that DSP produce of Sound Speakers are of the highest quality to provide an impressive, secure, and accurate sound for your projects and for and space, as DSP can provide you with the suitable sound speakers to cover the area you want to distribute the sound in.

We provide a lot of professional different digital sound speakers' categories with various features. So you can get your preferred sound speakers with distinctive features of weight, dimensions, Drivers, Frequency, Response, Rated Power, Crossover, Dispersion (DB -6), Impedance, Maximum SPL, and Sensitivity

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Sound Amplifier

s the main element of the whole sound system for all advanced sound systems. Sound Amplifier is a digital device that transfers the electric waves to a clear sound. And this process of sound transmission is done through some electric cycles before the amplifier strengthens the waves to a clear and pure sound. DSP produces the most professional advanced sound amplifiers for all digital sound systems with a lot of features.

DSP Sound Amplifiers consist of some electronic cycles chosen with SMT techniques to provide a powerful signal to reduce noise ratio.

Then it can help you get multiple frequencies' ranges with flexibility.

We provide the companies with all professional high-quality sound amplifiers needed to help in getting a real powered sound with a lot of unique features, like Stereo Power, Frequency Response, Input Sensitivity, Signal to noise, Slew Rate, Protection Function, Main Power Supply, Damping Factor, and Cross Talk.

" All with various categories to meet all customers' needs and requirements."

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Sound Cables

Sound cables are very vital and important parts of the whole sound system or sound devices because of their great roles to transmit the sound waves to be heard by the sound speakers Sound Cables are electric transmitters that transmit all sound waves received and strengthened by the amplifiers to the sound speakers.

There are many types of sound cables, and not all of them are to transmit the sound to the speakers, but sound cables are all the cables used in the whole sound system generally and for all sound devices and amplifiers.

So DSP manufactures all sound cable categories for all the whole sound systems elements, with the highest quality and the lowest cost.